Myrtle Beach – Grand Strand Health's Graduate Medical Education program graduated its first Transitional Year residency class. The Transitional Year residency program accepted 12 residents in July 2016 for a one-year post-graduate training to prepare for residences in medical, surgical and other specialties.

"This program allowed me to truly explore each specialty as a physician. I have decided to pursue Emergency Medicine and without the help of this program I wouldn't be where I am today," stated Morgan Smith, DO, graduate of the Transitional Year residency program and part of the first class of Grand Strand Health's Emergency Medicine residency program starting in July 2017.

On Saturday, June 3, the 12 Transitional Year residents graduated from the program and are now taking the next steps to advance their careers in areas such as radiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, anesthesia and other specialties. "I learned that a foundation of general medical knowledge will be extremely important in the future as I pursue a more specialized field in Ophthalmology," said Ryan Mercer, MD, graduate of the Transitional Year residency program.

"The first year of the Transitional Year program has been a wonderful success. Our residents have had the opportunity to engage in training in multiple specialties and gain strong foundational training before pursuing additional residencies at programs across the country. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments," expressed Vinod Nambudiri, MD, Program Director for Transitional Year residency program with Grand Strand Health.

In July 2017, Grand Strand Health's Graduate Medical Education program will expand its residency programs with the addition of Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. The five programs will have a total of 79 residents for the 2017-2018 academic year.