Myrtle Beach, SC - Grand Strand Medical Center's inpatient rehabilitation unit received the 2020 Top Performer Award from the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR). This national award recognizes rehabilitation facilities who ranked in the top 10 percent of 868 inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) that qualified to be ranked in the IRF database of UDSMR for cases discharged between January 2019 and September 2019.

"We are honored to be recognized as one of the best inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the country," says Dr. Kenneth Santiago, Medical Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation at Grand Strand Medical Center. "Our team comes to work every day with the goal of improving our patients' lives through effective rehabilitation. This recognition validates our team's extraordinary efforts."

The rankings were determined by using UDSMR's program evaluation model (PEM) that provides facilities with a composite performance score and percentile ranking. The goal of the PEM Report Card is to recognize high-performing facilities for their delivery of quality patient care that is effective, efficient, timely, and patient-centered.

"To recognize the efficient and effective care it provides to its patients, we are pleased to present this award to Grand Strand Medical Center," said Troy Hillman, Manager of the Analytical Services Group at UDSMR. "As the creator and caretaker of the nation's largest database of rehabilitation outcomes, and with over thirty years of experience and data, UDSMR continues working with the industry to establish best practices. The PEM Report Card has served as a tool for identifying and recognizing high-performing facilities, working with them to learn how they provide efficient and effective care, and sharing what we learn with others to elevate the performance of all. We look forward to working with Grand Strand Medical Center and the other top-performing facilities across the country that rank in the top 10 percent to improve care in all inpatient rehabilitation facilities."

This is the thirteenth year that UDSMR has issued these awards. The PEM Report Card was developed as part of a proactive solution to the Institute of Medicine's 2006 recommendation to Congress that every Medicare provider be reimbursed on a pay-for-performance basis. The data used for this report was based on nine months of 2019 data, drawn from both Medicare and non-Medicare patients.

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