Mission Statement

Graduate Medical Education at Grand Strand Medical Center is committed to providing the highest quality of clinical educational and research experience for our trainees in accordance and adherence to the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). We strive to deliver high quality healthcare with honesty, integrity, compassion and fairness for the surrounding communities that reflects our commitment to the care and improvement of human life.

Welcome Letter from our DIO

Welcome to Grand Strand Medical Center and the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program. We are proud to provide an excellent educational experience in a positive clinical learning environment for residents in their chosen specialty. Our faculty is engaged and eager to teach our residents and participate in research while mentoring our residents along the way. We are truly excited to pioneer the first teaching hospital in the Myrtle Beach area and surrounding communities. We look forward to expanding our GME program over the next five years. Our team strives to provide our residents the best education and training and allow many unique opportunities to be involved with research projects and presentations.

Our GME building is complete with state-of-the-art classrooms, medical simulation center, work study library, conference room and office space. We also have additional classrooms in our hospital, as well as, a resident lounge with several sleep/study rooms. We have a newly opened second computer work space with additional rounding rooms to better meet the needs of residents.

We are very excited to introduce additional ACGME accredited residency and fellowship programs in our five year plan with the intent to expand to 173 residents and fellows in the year 2023. Our commitment to GME will only continue to strengthen as we provide resources to allow for the best possible learning experience for our trainees. Thank you for your interest in our Graduate Medical Education program and we hope you strongly consider us for your post graduate training.


Victor E. Collier MD, FACP
Designated Institutional Official