Our Mission:

To improve patient safety, quality of care and clinical outcomes by integrating medical simulation based education for all residents, physicians and clinical staff at Grand Strand Medical Center.

The Grand Strand Health Education and Simulation Center is provisionally accredited through the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) in Teaching and Education. SSH is the most recognized society for accreditation of simulation centers in medical education. Our Simulation Center provides incredible ongoing learning opportunities for all of our resident programs, and spans each year of residency training. Residents in Internal Medicine and Transitional Year programs participate in weekly simulation mock codes and procedure simulation exercises, while General Surgery residents have the opportunity to follow the ACS/APDS Surgery Resident Skills Curriculum to practice basic skills, advanced procedures and team based learning exercises. A comprehensive simulation curriculum across all residency programs is designed to improve the learner’s competencies and efficiency in the clinical learning environment. All of the accredited residency programs are encouraged to take part in open hours within the simulation center to continue their practice on their own time.

Utilizing Simulation to:

  • Provide a realistic, effective and efficient environment for teaching ,learning, assessment and research
  • Incorporate evidence based practice
  • Provide a learning environment that promotes development of clinical judgment and reasoning with the goal of delivering high-quality, safe patient care
  • Provide a safe learning experience for all residents, staff and faculty
  • Ensure that competency based methods of assessment and evaluation are used to assist students in understanding their level of acquisition in the simulation environment
  • Promote Team development by incorporating multidisciplinary educational experiences focused on effective communication between practitioners and safe transitions of care
  • Provide participants with clearly written objectives which are available prior to the experience
  • Provide simulation based education that corresponds to the participants’ knowledge level and experience

For additional information , please contact:

Cesar Pastrana, MS, CHSE
Simulation Lab Coordinator
Phone: (843) 692-1598
Email: cesar.pastrana@hcahealthcare.com