There are 13 four-week modules in each academic year.

Each four-week module starts on Monday at 7 a.m. and finishes on Sunday. The first block starts on the Monday closest to July 1.

Every six years or so (depending on the presence of a single leap year), an extra week needs to be added to the final four-week block so that Block One continues to start in proximity to July 1.

All rotations are at Grand Strand Medical Center, South Strand Medical Center, and North Strand Emergency Room. All standard off-service rotations are inpatient. EM rotations would be classified as outpatient.


Rotations are in four-week blocks, and approximately five percent of the time in EM rotations is devoted to research.

The total time in the ICU is five months. Resident spends one month in each of the following:

  • MICU
  • CCU
  • SICU
  • NICU
  • PICU


Rotations Duration (blocks)
EM Orientation 1
EM 7
Pediatric EM 1
Medical ICU 1
Orthopedics 1
Anesthesia 1
Trauma 1


Rotations Duration (blocks)
EM Orientation 1
EM 5
Pediatric EM 1
Surgical ICU 1
Pediatric ICU 1
CT ICU/CT Anesthesia 1
Obstetrics 1
EM Ultrasound 1
Elective 1


Rotations Duration (blocks)
EM 9
Neuro ICU 1
EMS/Tox/Admin 1
Trauma 1
Elective 1

Emergency Medicine Electives

There will be one emergency medicine elective during PGY2 and one during PGY3.

Elective rotations include:

  • Advanced EM/ global health
  • Advanced EM/ QI
  • Advanced EMS
  • Advanced ultrasound
  • Advanced emergency management
  • Advanced orthopedics
  • Plastic surgery/ ENT
  • Neurology

With the program director's approval, the resident can set up an alternative elective rotation.