What our residents are saying…

“One of the greatest attributes of the Grand Strand Internal Medicine Residency training program is the emphasis on wellness. I believe it stems from not only our environment (being in a resort community) but also from the wonderful people involved in the program. We enjoy a huge array of diverse wellness activities, including competitive sports, philanthropy events and opportunities to engage with local amenities. Some of my favorites have been our kickball league, weekly trivia team, Dragon Boat Racing, and parties at the homes of our attending faculty. These activities not only help us relax outside of work, but they also bring us together with colleagues we do not get to see as often.” —Dr. Tyler Kilgore (IM GPY3)

Our burnout prevention plan


  • Access to food
  • Snacks in resident lounges 24/7
  • Monthly “Wacky Food Holiday” (ex: Cupcake day, Oreo Day, Potato Chip Day, etc.)
  • Several great options less than 2 miles of hospital

Exercise and self care benefits

  • Discounted membership to YMCA (gym, pool, basketball courts, etc.)
  • Free access to physical therapy equipment
  • Time away for medical and dental appointments

Formal events

  • Intern welcome party (Pelican’s baseball game)
  • Holiday party
  • Match Day outing
  • Graduation party
  • Retreats

Tools for efficient rounding and time spent with patients

  • Laptop
  • Dictation devices
  • iPhone – patient records at your fingertips, secure text communication

Other features to decrease burnout

  • Participate in local sport leagues
  • “Need a Ride” provides Uber or Lyft when fatigued
  • Community outreach

Providing support

  • Intern advisory/ mentorship groups
  • Resident wellness committee
  • Free Employee Assistance Program – available 24/7 to assist with things like:
    • Achieving personal goals
    • Resolving conflicts
    • Improving health – weight loss and stress management
    • Planning for life events
    • Financial concerns
    • Legal concerns

Burnout treatments

We recognize that our physicians may need help from time to time coping with the daily challenges of their professional development. In addition to the counseling services that are offered through the Office of Graduate Medical Education, HCA offers free access to mental health services and other confidential therapy treatments.


Download the ACGME’s new AWARE Well-Being app!

Designed for physicians, primarily junior residents, the AWARE app introduces concepts from cognitive behavior therapy to help people recognize common behaviors that can impact well-being. The app is designed to help individuals:

  • Reflect on how their own cognitive habits may impact their sense of well-being
  • Identify strategies for promoting resilience and well-being

To download, search the App Store or Google Play for “ACGME AWARE.”