Grand Strand Medical Center (GSMC) is accredited by the Continuing Medical Education Committee of the South Carolina Medical Association to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. The overall goal of the GSMC Continued Medical Education (CME) program is to provide high quality CME activities that will clearly link the needs of the learner with the curriculum planning process delivering results in enhanced knowledge, practice skills and advancement of healthcare.

Target Audience

The CME efforts of GSMC are focused on our healthcare providers including physicians, physicians-in-training, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and other allied health professionals.

Types of Activities Provided

In order to accomplish our educational goals, we will offer a range of activity types including live seminars, web-based modules, podcasts, PowerPoint, newsletters and materials in the form of printed publications.

Expected Results

GSMC is committed to assessing the impact and effectiveness of its CME program. The expected results for assessment methods will be the consistent use of post-activity evaluation tools that measure immediate participant learning and their attitudes about behavior change along with follow-up outcome practice behaviors on the basis of what clinicians learned at the activity.

Content Areas

The content of GSMC CME activities consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public or the profession. The content of CME is that the body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the profession as within the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public. GSMC offers activities in the areas of risk management, patient safety, physician-patient communications, trauma, HIPAA, medical advances in clinical practice and clinical practice guidelines.