Myrtle Beach, SC — On March 12, 2018, Grand Strand Health expanded its cancer care services to include a radiation therapy program on the campus of Grand Strand Medical Center. "We saw a need in our community to provide radiation therapy for cancer patients," states Mark Miller, Chief Operating Officer with Grand Strand Health. "This program allows us to provide a continuum of care for our patients who would have, in the past, had to travel for further treatment." The expansion project started in July 2011 with a Certificate of Need application approved in January 2016. The total construction cost for the 10,019 square foot facility was $12.1 million.

"Modern radiation therapy involves advanced technology that can target a patient's tumor with accuracy measured in millimeters which reduces the harm to the surrounding healthy tissue," said Dr. Paul Goetowski, Radiation Oncology Medical Director with Grand Strand Health. "The collective goal of our cancer program is to provide early detection, timely diagnosis, optimal treatment, rehabilitation and support." Treatment plans will be customized for each individual, depending on which form of radiation therapy the patient and physician identify as the most effective for their specific needs and preferences.

The cancer program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program and follows the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. Grand Strand Health's Cancer Care facility is located on the campus of Grand Strand Medical Center at 809 82nd Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572.