Myrtle Beach, SC - Grand Strand Medical Center is offering free valet parking to visitors and patients at its Heart Center entrance. The service began in late March as an added convenience to those visiting the hospital.

“We average 1,000 visitors a day in addition to patients registering for procedures,” said Joan Carroza, marketing director. “There is sufficient parking surrounding the hospital but not all of it is close to an entrance. The service is available to all visitors and patients who are coming to the hospital for whatever reason, except for emergency care.”

The free valet parking is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 7:00pm at the Heart Center entrance. Signs on campus direct drivers to the entrance. Security will retrieve cars after 7:00pm.

In addition to parking cars for visitors and patients, the valet staff serves as ambassadors for the hospital. “The attendants greet our guests and provide information and directions before they enter the hospital,” explained Carroza. “Visitors are often anxious when they come to the hospital and we hope the convenience of valet parking will ease some of the stress.”